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"Hello" I have been a patient at Vaca Valley Chiropractic for approximately eleven months. In those eleven months, I have experienced an abundance of relief in my back pain due to the continual adjustments of Dr. Sean and Dr. Dave. They have been a constant source of encouragement and truly a God send to my life. Every time I leave the office I feel truly blessed both physically and mentally. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Vaca Valley Chiropractic care."

~Randall G.

"Hi, I am 12 years old. I got my first chiropractic adjustment when I was 5 years old. My mom and I were rear-ended one day in Sacramento. We went to a chiropractor three times to straighten out my neck and back. I have been getting adjusted now every week for the past year. My asthma and allergies have been so much better. I have a great testimony to how I love to get adjusted by Dr. Dave and Dr. Sean. I play football and it is always hard at the beginning of the season with my asthma. But not this year! I was at football camp last night and won the prize football for being the best tight end. I love my chiropractors!"

~Andrew B.

"When my wife got a job at Vaca Valley Chiropractic I began going in faithfully to get adjusted. Before she started working there I had some severe back pain and problems. I was seeing a spine doctor in Vallejo and had three epidural injections with limited success. At my last visit the doctor was talking about surgery being a possibility. Surgery was the last thing I wanted to have to go through. We had another MRI taken to make sure surgery was indicated. My MRI actually improved! So, no surgery for me! I actually had regeneration of the soft tissues in my back. I am very thankful to Dr. Dave and Dr. Sean for all their help with my back. Chiropractic really works. I am proof!"

~Robert B. 

This is a great story of how Chiropractic can help "seemingly" unrelated, long standing injuries. I spoke today with Alicia, here is her story:


She was having some back pain and a friend of hers told her to try chiropractic. This person was going to another chiropractor and having success and told Alicia it couldn't hurt to give it a try. So, she came into our office in April and told the Doctor that she did not believe in chiropractic care and he was going to have to prove her wrong. After the first couple of visits she was sore and had some tenderness and pain but, Dr. Lamb told her to ice and it helped.


Her injury: In 1992 an electric pallet jack with a pallet of ice weighing over 8,000 lbs. ran over her foot twice. She was off work for a month resting her foot. When she came back to work her foot was still weak and she fell and tore all the ligaments in her ankle. They sent her to Physical Therapy for 3 weeks and then she got a cortisone shot which, she said she will never do again! But, ever since that time she has walked with a limp. Then she decided to try the Sports Rehab and she only got slight improvement - she still had the limp.


Now the good news: She just noticed in the last couple of days that she could move her ankle and rotate her foot. Something she has not been able to do in years! She is convinced that the chiropractic adjustments she has been receiving here are healing her ankle. And to think that she came in for back pain and is getting these miraculous results in her ankle! This is the kind of story that really shows that CHIROPRACTIC WORKS!

"My daddy is a Chiropractor, and he knows how hard the birth process can be on a little spine like mine! I was waking up every hour until I got adjusted; then I slept peacefully for five whole hours! My parents were sure happy about that. Subluxations happen to little people too. If you are having trouble sleeping at night due to back or neck pain, go and see my Daddy at Vaca Valley Chiropractic. He loves to help people!"

~Nicole L.

"I had a major car accident. I went to Kaiser for severe neck pain. I had been off work for about 3 weeks at that point. The medications and pain killers were doing nothing to help me. The Doctors at Kaiser wanted to schedule me for physical therapy but, the first appointment that they had was in 3 more weeks. A friend of mine recommended that I try Vaca Valley Chiropractic. I had no more sick leave left at work so, I tried it. With just three adjustments and one week later, I was able to return to work. They are the greatest."

~Wade S.

"I am submitting this letter to acknowledge that the entire staff at Vaca Valley Chiropractic is a very customer oriented office. They accommodate patients to ensure they receive the quality treatment needed. I am a new patient that is well pleased with the service rendered concerning my lumbar subluxation. Thank goodness for the field of chiropractic. Thank you Vaca Valley Chiropractic, keep up the good work!"

~Edward H.

"For the past four or five years both of my knees have been in such pain that I could not sleep at night. I would wake up and not be able to lie any way that they did not hurt. My knees also hurt sitting, standing or walking. It made no difference at all. Following treatment on my knees by Dr. Lamb and Dr. Moffett, my knees are no longer painful. Sometimes they feel a little weak but, they do not hurt and actually feel like knees should. I can sleep at night without waking up with apin in both knees. I really had no idea that they could do anything that would ease the pain I had in both knees."

~Maxine B.

"All summer long I was bothered with hip pain. Every step I took hurt. I heard about Vaca Valley Chiropractic from a friend at church. So, I cam in to give chiropractic a try. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my insurance was going to cover my visits. I had nothing to lose except the constant pain I was in. At first my hip was still painful. After three visits, it even seemed a little worse. But, after the fourth visit the pain was completely gone! My hip seemed healed. I am so glad I did not give up and stop coming in for adjustments. Now I have my husband coming in for his ankle. I feel God brought me here and I am so happy to be pain free!"

~Gaila K.

"I had a major car accident. I went to Kaiser for severe neck pain and was off about 3 weeks. The medications and pain killers were doing nothing. They scheduled me for physical therapy, with the first appointment being in three weeks. I was recommended by a friend to try Vaca Valley Chiropractic. I had no more sick leave so, I tried it. With 3 adjustments...one week later I was able to return to work. They are the greatest!"

~Wade S.